Sacred Circles


Monthly Circles

Experience the nourishment and transformation that take root within monthly circles.

How is this different than having a girls or guys night out?
Bypass the polite small-talk and dive as deeply as you would like to venture.

Know that you will be held lovingly without judgement in a safe container of unconditional love and confidentiality.

What kinds of stories do people share?
Whatever joys and challenges tug at your heart.

Sometimes all you can handle is talking about something closer to the surface, like the misunderstanding between you and your co-worker.

Sometimes it’s about an exchange with a stranger, the one that asked you to question your self-worth.

Other times you may want to share seemingly insignificant personal victories that actually represent bounding leaps toward your living your Truth.

Is this like group therapy?
I’m not qualified to make this type of assessment.

However, I do know that there is tremendous power in speaking unabashedly about the joys and concerns that smolder within each of us.

As each person tells their story, we share in witnessing their unfoldment. 

We hear and feel how their story represents a piece of ourselves. 

And, through our loving presence, act as mirrors, reflecting their own strength and magnificence.

What’s the purpose of these circles?
In part, this is for you to decide.

My intention in casting this circle is to hold time and space to connect deeply with others. 

As group members prepare to step into circle each month they often need to check-in with themselves first. 

“I’m really busy, and in all this busy-ness, how do I feel about what’s happening?" 

"How do my current circumstances align with who I really Am?"

"What changes and adjustments might be needed?”

Over the course of several months it is both interesting and extremely validating to witness the growth in others and the growth within ourselves.

The simple acts of storytelling and witnessing can catalyze great transformation.

I’m curious but not sure if I want to commit.
I host an introductory sacred circle for you to get a feel for the circle and to help you decide if this kind of gathering is a good fit for your needs.

I then proceed to meet monthly with interested folks, and we will tailor the components of each circle to fit the needs of our unique group.

Pre-crawling, babies-in-arms are always welcome.

Contact me for the date, time, and location of our next circle.


Blessingway Ceremonies

As women cross the threshold into motherhood, the focus is often on the external and the material.

Unfortunately, what often gets ignored or dismissed is her internal landscape.

And how her loved ones can authentically support her during this joyfully complex time in her life.  

Baby Blessingway Ceremonies celebrate the uniquely inherent qualities of feminine life and are tailored specifically for the woman of honor.

Each ceremony is as individual as the woman herself.

Blessingways are often associated with the birth of a baby. 

However, they are also appropriate along many points in life’s journey.

They can take place at any point that marks a significant transition in someone’s life. 

As humans we all continually participate in the process of gestation.

We constantly conceive, gestate, and birth projects of all kinds.

We also conceive, gestate, and birth aspects of ourselves.


  • Welcoming the presence of only your closest, most intimate friends.
  • Being surrounded by seasonal flowers and candlelight.
  • Receiving gifts that are not only practical but mystical and inspirational as well.
  • Celebrating your body for its strength and beauty.
  • Openly sharing your intentions and concerns so they may be supported during the ceremony.
  • Being bathed in inspirational and empowering stories of gestation, birth, and body wisdom.
  • As a guest of such a gathering, being fully present and open to sharing the most substantive parts of yourself without inhibition.

These are just some of the many gifts of a Blessingway — for the guest of honor and the guests in attendance.

At a time when we may feel even more disconnected by the ways we tend to connect with others, Blessingways offer an opportunity to realign our intentions and reconnect to deeper truths.

Contact me if you’re interested in learning more about Blessingways and how I might be able to assist you in casting a Blessingway circle for yourself or a loved one.