I meet clients exactly where they are to offer my assistance in accessing the layers of wisdom already within them.

Monday night prenatal yoga at 6:30 PM @ The Mindful Body in San Francisco

Discover and integrate tools that support you in navigating conception, gestation, birth, parenthood, and beyond. 

Is this class only for pregnant women?
We also welcome
• Women who are in the process of conceiving
• Women who feel called to conceive, nurture, and birth dreams and aspects of themselves
• Partners of pregnant mamas

How is a prenatal class different than a regular yoga class?
Prenatal yoga classes support the unique physical and emotional shifts that occur before and during pregnancy and birth.
• Cultivate body awareness.
• Build physical strength.
• Move with increased flexibility safely.
• Develop breath awareness.
• Cultivate connections with other pregnant women.
• Learn more about local resources that support conception, pregnancy, birth, motherhood, and self-discovery.

How is this class different from other prenatal classes at other studios?
A yoga class is as unique as the individual leading the class. Join us for a few classes to determine if it’s a good fit for you.

The foundation of my personal practice is prenatal yoga, and our two children are my gurus, continually inspiring me to shift and grow on and off the yoga mat.

New to yoga? Or an experienced yogini?
This class is tailored to meet you exactly where you are.

Not in the past.

Not in the future.

Right here, right now, which may change from moment to moment.

Each aspect of this class is an invitation to tune in to your unique body in a particular moment -- to listen to what it needs, and to move or not move accordingly. 

However we choose to move and breathe, we do so with the understanding that pregnancy increases hormones in our bodies that facilitate flexibility. This newfound flexibility invites us to listen to our bodies more deeply, perhaps more deeply than ever.

The path to pregnancy and the path of pregnancy is an adventurous ride. Let’s come together and support each other in the process of gestation.

Join us on Monday evenings at 6:30 PM at The Mindful Body in San Francisco


Chai & Chat

Join us for prenatal yoga and stay for chai, homemade goodies, and soulful conversation with yoginis from class.

Prenatal Yoga @ 6:30 PM
Chai & Chat @ 7:45 PM

Chai & Chat is a monthly, complimentary gathering for current prenatal students and former prenatal students.

Former students are welcome to come alone or with their pre-crawling babes.

• Monday, September 23
• Monday, October 21
• Monday, November 18