My Story

Elena Graham Photography

Elena Graham Photography

Rather than a title to pursue teaching has been a calling -- an act of service and an opportunity to support people on their unique journeys.

This calling first whispered to me in college when I dressed in layers of padding, fiberglass, and fur at "the most magical place on earth".

While meet-n-greets, autographs, and photo ops may not seem like ideal settings to cultivate depth, these exchanges were deeply meaningful to me because I identified my desire to serve people directly -- in-person, on-the-spot, with my whole self.

Whispers evolved into shouts when I planned and facilitated visual design lessons as a guest teacher in public schools.

My office cubicle stood cold and empty in contrast to the vibrance of a classroom.

I gladly traded in my security badge, company laptop, and conference calls for colorful conversations around the faculty lunch table, breakthrough interactions with students deemed too difficult to reach, and a renewed understanding of my contribution to the greater community.

When our daughter came knocking on the door of my womb, I allowed the experience to completely shift my perspectives on everything I thought to be true.

For starters, teaching and learning no longer traveled on a hierarchical, one-way street but flowed organically within an environment of collaboration.

And what once seemed obvious took on startling shades of gray.

Beginning with our daughter's gestation and birth, I began navigating decisions points with a yet-untapped level of consciousness.

What were once no-brainers (because "everyone else" does it that way) became an invitation to be curious, to research, and to attune to my inner knowing like never before.

Not only was I inspired by a new way of seeing and being in the world, but I also became passionate about supporting women on their journeys to, through, and beyond motherhood.

Between Dr. Google, your health care providers, and your loved ones you may feel a little overwhelmed with information.

You may also hear harrowing stories, which are often told with the best of intentions but land like a rock in your stomach.

How do you make sense of it all?

Who do you listen to?

Who do you tune out?

What will you ultimately choose?

I'm here for you.

As a resource, a support, a mirror, a collaborator, and, at times, a facilitator.

I offer
• evidence-based information
• practical tools
• an invitation to cultivate your inner wisdom
as you traverse this new terrain.

When we work together you will uncover the best choices for you and your growing family.

I look forward to meeting you on the mat, in class, and in circle.

Mahalo piha,