Harness the Power of Your Lady Parts

As women’s hormone expert and functional nutritionist, Alisa Vitti, says, most of us concern ourselves with either getting pregnant or not getting pregnant.

We may also sense the impending infamy of monthly bleeds and the inconvenience of the bleeds themselves.

But what if we choose to tune into our bodies more consciously, mining our natural rhythms for the potential and power that awaits within?

Are *you* harnessing the full power of your lady parts?

Within one cycle of menses we transition through 4 hormonal phases, and each phase offers opportunities for us to maximize its affects on our brain chemistry.

Here’s how Alisa breaks it down and what she recommends for each phase.

Follicular Phase:  An egg gets ready to release from an ovary, and the lining of the uterus begins to thicken in preparation for pregnancy. You have the most access (in comparison to other phases of your cycle) to effortless creative energy. This is the time to plan, begin new projects, and dream big.

Ovulatory Phase: An egg releases from an ovary. You have the most energy and possess the best communication skills during this phase. This is a potent time to have important conversations.

Luteal Phase: The egg travels out of the fallopian tube and toward the uterus, ready for the potential of pregnancy. Your are organized and detail-oriented. This is the time to tackle decluttering and projects requiring fine-tuning.

Menstrual Phase: If the egg does not partner with a sperm, the thickened lining of the uterus sheds, and you bleed. This is when the right hemisphere and left hemisphere of your brain feels most connected. This is the best time to go inward, to reflect, to evaluate. With your intuition heightened, you are most able to sense gut feelings and receive bodily messages.

Alisa’s entire TED talk is worth a listen, but if you want to go straight to the segment about maximizing the phases of your monthly cycle fast forward to the 11-minute mark.

Perceiving my cycle with a renewed perspective allows me to receive each phase more compassionately, and I hope this information assists you on your journey.